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The NGO and Academic ICANN Study (NAIS)

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The NGO and Academic ICANN Study (NAIS) was an international project to review the nature of public representation in the Internet's domain name management organization, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Over fifteen months of activity, the NAIS team played a number of different roles in the debate over ICANN's structure and governance. In August 2001, NAIS issued its major report on ICANN, entitled ICANN, Legitimacy, and the Public Voice: Making Global Participation and Representation Work. The report - the only one of its kind - examined the 2000 At-Large election at every level, from local and regional organizing to central coordination provided by ICANN. A significant number of conclusions and recommendations were made, which we believe to be of continuing relevance to the ICANN community.

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NAIS also played important advocacy and coalition building roles at ICANN, working in parallel with ICANN's At-Large Study Committee and encouraging convergence around critical principles of public interest representation. NAIS also worked to educate and lobby the ICANN Board on issues of public interest importance.

Finally, NAIS undertook significant outreach activities, especially relating to its August report. NAIS members made contact with key ICANN participants in their home regions, assembling a wide diversity of perspectives on ICANN and on the elections and identifying priorities and requirements for future attempts at representing the public interest.

During its work, the NAIS team assembled a substantial body of work exploring ICANN and its responsibility to incorporate the public voice in its activities. Those documents have been archived on this site. All documents are © 2001/2002 the NGO and Academic ICANN Study, and may be freely distributed with attribution. Use the links above for quick access.

About NAIS

The NAIS team began as an ad hoc effort in November 2000 by a global group of researchers to study the 2000 At-Large Election and to answer tough questions about the importance of public representation in ICANN's activities. The project broke new ground for ICANN, and for the study of Internet management in general, by assembling an active and geographically diverse coalition of experts: